Take-down policy

Notice and take-down policy

On receipt of a complaint the Institutional Repository Librarian (or in the case of absence the Associate Director for Scholarly Resources) will:

  1. Acknowledge the complaint usually within 20 calendar days of receiving it;
  2. Make an initial judgement (obtaining advice from the Bodleian Libraries copyright officer or other suitable individual if necessary) of the validity of the complaint and:
    1. if the complaint is plausible based on UK law, the resource will be removed or access will be suspended pending verification of the complaint;
    2. if we judge the complaint implausible or incorrect, we will inform the complainant of this and our reasons;
  3. Where necessary we will seek professional legal advice on the complaint;
  4. We will advise the person who deposited the resource in question, outline the nature of the complaint and give them the opportunity to refute the complaint;
  5. We will investigate the complaint in full, obtaining advice as required, and contact the complainant and the depositor with the result of this investigation and what action we have taken/will take;
  6. If the investigation finds in the complainant’s favour, then we will remove the resource permanently from the repository unless the complainant gives us permission to retain it. The records of an item will only be withdrawn from view for reasons such as their being found to violate the legal rights of any person.

All complaints will be investigated, although each complaint will be judged on its merits (for example in the case of serial, vexatious or spurious complaints). Where the complaint refers to a dataset the following may also apply (http://ox.libguides.com).

Other queries will in the first instance be referred to the Institutional Repository Librarian.