RFID analysis of the complexity of cellular pathology workflow—An opportunity for digital pathology
Novel molecular MRI approaches to the detection of brain metastasis
A new species of Triozocera pierce, 1909 (Strepsiptera: Corioxenidae) from Oman, with a new distribution record for Mengenilla arabica kinzelbach, 1979 (Strepsiptera: Mengenillidae)
Systems-driven improvements to radar-only ego-motion estimation
The rise and fall of energy democracy: 5 cases of collaborative governance in energy systems
Hysteresis and degaussing of H1 dipole magnets
Homogenisation for the monodomain model in the presence of microscopic fibrotic structures
Ride-hailing and road traffic crashes: a critical review
Streptomyces coelicolor macrodomain hydrolase SCO6735 cleaves thymidine-linked ADP-ribosylation of DNA
A second-quantised Shannon theory
Epidemiology of a sexually transmittable herpesvirus, the Mustelid gammaherpesvirus 1 (MusGHV-1), and its link to reproductive health and physiological stress in European badgers (Meles meles)
Identifying regulators of chronic myeloid leukaemic (CML) stem cell quiescence and discovering effective novel therapies for CML relapse
Combining computational and archival methods to study international organizations: refugees and the International Labour Organization, 1919–2015
Natural antisense transcription from a comparative perspective
Natural antisense transcripts at the interface between host genome and mobile genetic elements
Recent progress in chemical approaches for the development of novel neuraminidase inhibitors
Interdependent transcription of a natural sense/antisense transcripts pair (SLC34A1/PFN3)
Rhetoric in 1 Esdras 3:1–5:6 (the story of the three bodyguards): integration of Greek and Jewish features
Polynomial growth and asymptotic dimension
Exposure of the heart and cardiac valves in women irradiated for breast cancer 1970-2009
ELIXIR biovalidator for semantic validation of life science metadata
Utility of pre-operative haemoglobin concentration to guide peri-operative blood tests for hip and knee arthroplasty: a decision curve analysis
Knee registries
Offer of a bandage versus rigid immobilisation in 4- to 15-year-olds with distal radius torus fractures: the FORCE equivalence RCT
Retrofit ‘daemons’ in the process of low-carbon housing stock renovation
Essays on the search and matching of economic agents in labor and transportation markets
Learning from 'horror' stories: a plan of work to reduce the performance gap in deep retrofit
Out of Africa: a solidarity-based approach to vaccine allocation
Black Lives Matter and the removal of racist statues - Perspectives of an African
Love-as-agency: challenges to social reproduction feminism
Measuring diachronic sense change: new models and Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian inference
Immigration, mortality, and national life expectancy in the Nordic region, 1990–2019
Just allocation of COVID-19 vaccines
Insular nestling growth and its relationship to parental care effort in Silvereyes, Zosterops lateralis
COVID-19 vaccine trials with children: ethics pointers
Are low-carbon innovations appealing? A typology of functional, symbolic, private and public attributes
Towards a new model of global health justice: the case of COVID-19 vaccines
Visualising defects via thermography (DeViz): a combined technological, behavioural and quality systems approach to achieving near zero defect buildings
Prevalence and variability of current depressive disorder in 27 European countries: a population-based study
Single‐crystal elasticity of antigorite at high pressures and seismic detection of serpentinized slabs
The development of a core outcome set for trials and evaluative studies in adult social care
‘Doing the best we can’: Registered nurses’ experiences and perceptions of patient safety in intensive care during COVID-19
Brainwave viscosity in propofol anaesthesia
A core outcome set for randomised controlled trials of physical activity interventions: development and challenges
Drivers of declining CO2 emissions in 18 developed economies
Brain complexities and anesthesia: Their meaning and measurement
Carers using assistive technology in dementia care at home: a mixed methods study
May I see your credentials, please? Displays of pedagogical expertise by language teaching researchers
‘Go tell the Spartans, passerby’: Whom to remember ahead of whom?
Shape-morphing structures based on perforated kirigami
Interpretation threshold values for the Oxford Knee Score in patients undergoing unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
Global, regional, and national disease burden estimates of acute lower respiratory infections due to respiratory syncytial virus in children younger than 5 years in 2019: a systematic analysis
The conquered and the conquerors: representations of warfare and combat in Greek and Egyptian literature
Evaluating and engaging: using participatory video with Kenyan secondary school students to explore engagement with health research
The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Knowledge Hub: developing an open platform for facilitating high-quality clinical research
Raptors avoid the confusion effect by targeting fixed points in dense aerial prey aggregations
Pre-existing chromosomal polymorphisms in pathogenic E. coli potentiate the evolution of resistance to a last-resort antibiotic
Proactive resilience building through route diversity: a close look at the metro system from the travelers’ perspective
La oscilante (in)capacidad de la oposición venezolana en la disputa por el poder subnacional (2008-2022)
Standardized measurement of coronary inflammation using cardiovascular computed tomography: integration in clinical care as a prognostic medical device
Sequential deposition of integrated cathode–inorganic separator–anode multilayers for high performance Li-Ion batteries
Drag queens: gender, performance and power in the biblical world
Spin(7) Instantons on asymptotically conical Calabi-Yau Fourfolds
A large National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre facilitates impactful cross-disciplinary and collaborative translational research publications and research collaboration networks: a bibliometric evaluation study
Corporate action on climate change: perspectives on time, risk, and value
Winchester's binder: Beatrice Forder at work, 1947-1948
Generalizing speech recognition techniques for monotonic sequence modeling applications
Antibody escape of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 from vaccine and BA.1 serum
Five decades of ground flora changes in a temperate forest: The good, the bad and the ambiguous in biodiversity terms
Towards a dimensional model of risk and protective factors influencing children’s early cognitive, social and emotional development during the COVID-19 pandemic
Textiles in libraries – a patchwork of collaborative opportunities
CDK9 and PP2A regulate RNA polymerase II transcription termination and coupled RNA maturation
Accurate and precise 3D T1 mapping of the human liver at 3T using widely available magnetic resonance imaging methods
Immunogenicity of a single 4CMenB vaccine booster in adolescents 11 years after childhood immunisation
Characterization of nanoparticles with optical fluidic cavity
Mucosal-Associated Invariant T cells exhibit distinct functional signatures associated with protection against typhoid fever
Energy transition pathways to a low-carbon Europe in 2050: the degree of cooperation and the level of decentralization
An exploratory analysis of the response to ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AZD1222) vaccine in males and females
DeepCIR: insights into CIR-based data-driven UWB error mitigation
Angiotensin receptor blockers and β-blockers in Marfan syndrome: an individual-patient-data meta-analysis of randomised trials
SegPGD: an effective and efficient adversarial attack for evaluating and boosting segmentation robustness
Triple-view feature learning for medical image segmentation
Quadruple augmented pyramid network for multi-class COVID-19 segmentation via CT
Dynamic and adaptive cancer stem cell population admixture in colorectal neoplasia
Governance of Low-carbon Innovation in Domestic Energy Retrofits in the UK
Revisiting vicinal risk minimization for partially supervised multi-label classification under data scarcity
Essays on weak identification in high-dimensional models with applications in macroeconomics
A single RGB camera based gait analysis with a mobile tele-robot for healthcare
Supernova model discrimination with hyper-kamiokande
YouMVOS: an actor-centric multi-shot video object segmentation dataset
Pathogen-sugar interactions revealed by universal saturation transfer analysis
Learning underrepresented classes from decentralized partially labeled medical images
Procalcitonin is not a reliable biomarker of bacterial coinfection in people with coronavirus disease 2019 undergoing microbiological investigation at the time of hospital admission
M5-branes wrapped on four-dimensional orbifolds
Baudelaire's ironic lighthouse: Poem as image, poem into image
Nonlinear iterative approximation of steady incompressible chemically reacting flows
Attitudes to interpersonal touch in the workplace in autistic and non-autistic groups
Assessing agreement between different polygenic risk scores in the UK Biobank
Effect of childhood vaccination and antibiotic use on pneumococcal populations and genome-wide associations with disease among children in Nepal: an observational study
Learning algorithms versus automatability of Frege systems