The financial geography of resilience: a case-study of Goldman Sachs
Mediation pathways for reduced substance use among parents in South Africa: a randomized controlled trial
Increased ionization supports growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei.
Context-based image explanations for deep neural networks
The ION-CAGE code: A numerical model for the growth of charged and neutral aerosols
Learning to see in 3D with two eyes: the role of experience, plasticity and neurochemistry
Rebuilding the City churches after the Great Fire of London: the case of All Hallows the Great, Thames Street
The last thing: perception of value in Aristotle
Investigating the neurochemistry of the human visual system using magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Quoting lyrics and subjectivities in the Chastelaine de Vergy
Rough paths, kernels, differential equations and an algebra of functions on streams
Genome editing in livestock
Visual field reconstruction in hemianopia using fMRI based mapping techniques
The historiography of the village community in medieval law
We are all in Xenialand: queer poetics, citizenship, and hospitality in Panos H. Koutras’s Xenia (2014)
Inferring the dark matter velocity anisotropy to the cluster edge
Measurement of the charging state of 4-70 nm aerosols
Cadernos irregulares: meias-folhas e sua contribuição para o estudo do Cancioneiro da Ajuda
Tracking the vortex motion by using Brownian fluid particles
Markov semi-groups generated by elliptic operators with divergence-free drift
How migrations affect private orders: norms and practices in the fishery of Marseille
Relativistic Landau quantization in non-uniform magnetic field and its applications to white dwarfs and quantum information
A patristic experiment: the screens of Sir Christopher Wren’s churches
Conservation and the rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities: looking forwards
What do you know about conservation and human rights?
Can nationally prescribed institutional arrangements enable community-based conservation? An analysis of conservancies and community forests in the Zambezi region of Namibia
The response of clouds and aerosols to cosmic ray decreases
Contacts between the Islamic world and Northern Europe in the pre-Mongol period
Spatially patterned Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals for image-integrated smart windows
Genetic mmunisation
Between persistence and change in Latin America: Did the recent expansion of higher education reduce educational inequality by social origins?
Assessing the economic impact of building projects in the Roman world: The case of late republican Italy
Ransacking the wordhord: the stylistic use of Old English lexical borrowings in Viking Age skaldic poetry
Ursula Schulte-Klöcker, Das Verhältnis von Ewigkeit und Zeit als Widerspiegelung der Beziehung zwischen Schöpfer und Schöpfung: Eine textbegleitende Interpretation der Bücher XI-XIII der 'Confessiones' des Augustinus
How is information in working memory selected and prioritised for action?
Waves of fortune, waves of fate: Sextus Pompeius and the importance of marine symbolism in Rome’s civil wars
Barth, Origen, and universal salvation. Restoring particularity. By Tom Greggs. Pp. xxiv+242. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. £55. 978 0 19 956048 6
Fly Cell Atlas: a single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the adult fruit fly
Learning transport processes with machine intelligence
Set in stone? Exploring multiple dimensions of petrification in ancient Greek cities
Development of a novel outcome measure for forensic mental health services
Control of impulsivity by Gi-protein signalling in layer-5 pyramidal neurons of the anterior cingulate cortex
Sulfinates from amines: A radical approach to alkyl sulfonyl derivatives via donor–acceptor activation of pyridinium salts
Numerical analysis of the deep soil failure mechanism for perimeter pile groups
Divergence-measure fields: Gauss-green formulas and normal traces
Self-rated health, and frailty in older adults from the population-based Three-City Bordeaux cohort
Single-cell profiling of human bone marrow progenitors reveals mechanisms of failing erythropoiesis in Diamond-Blackfan anemia
Shared flashbulb memories lead to identity fusion: Recalling the defeat in the Brexit referendum produces strong psychological bonds among remain supporters
Methodology for integrating artificial Intelligence in healthcare systems: learning from Covid-19 to prepare for Disease X
For Augustinian archival openness and laggardly sharing: Trustworthy archiving and sharing of social science data from identifiable human subjects
Correlates of protection against symptomatic and asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection
Sowing the seeds of leukemia before birth
Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2021 – Unmasking disparities by ethnicity, caste and gender
Product attributes affecting the substitutability of saiga horn drinks among young adult consumers in Singapore
Will virtual multidisciplinary team meetings become the norm for musculoskeletal oncology care following the COVID-19 pandemic? Experience from a tertiary sarcoma centre.
Identifying 'hard-to-reach' groups and strategies to engage them in biomedical research: perspectives from engagement practitioners in Southeast Asia
Ni2Mn-layered double oxide electrodes in organic electrolyte based supercapacitors
2-Oxoglutarate derivatives can selectively enhance or inhibit the activity of human oxygenases
Aged layered double hydroxide nanosheet–polyvinyl alcohol dispersions for enhanced gas barrier coating performance
Quantifying non-CO2 contributions to remaining carbon budgets
Understanding the effectiveness of government interventions against the resurgence of COVID-19 in Europe
Maternal postnatal depression and offspring depression at age 24 years in a UK-birth cohort: the mediating role of maternal nurturing behaviours concerning feeding, crying and sleeping
Discernment of phytoplankton groups from optical properties.
Policy options for surgical mentoring: lessons from Zambia based on stakeholder consultation and systems science
High-level control algorithms for maximising energy efficiency of solar nano-grids designed for energy access
High-efficiency CO2 separation using hybrid LDH-polymer membranes
Courting beyond the court: performing commensurability in the early European trade with Japan, 1609-1641
Affirmative action and the question of general category in India: judicial treatment of constitutional, legislative, and executive interventions in determining backwardness and intra-classification challenges
Initiating a network to support engagement between health researchers and schools: recommendations from an international meeting of schools engagement practitioners held in Kilifi, Kenya
Carers’ experience of assistive technology use in dementia care
Applying single cell-based technologies to the characterisation of human haematopoietic stem cell heterogeneity
Updates in postoperative imaging modalities following musculoskeletal surgery
Synthesis of the C1-C27 fragment of stambomycin D validates modular polyketide synthase-based stereochemical assignments
A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the adult Drosophila ventral nerve cord
T-cell interactions with second generation glass-supported lipid bilayers
A simple backward construction of Branching Brownian motion with large displacement and applications
Scalable and data-driven approaches to convex programming
Over 80% of Africa’s savannah conservation land is failing or deteriorating according to lions as an indicator species
Gender discrimination facilitates fMRI responses and connectivity to thermal pain
A free boundary problem arising from branching Brownian motion with selection
Oral and written transmission in the early jeu-parti
Emily Gray - A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych)
On the convergence rate of the Kačanov scheme for shear-thinning fluids
Predicting inhaled steroid responsiveness using blood eosinophil counts: personalising long-term management of COPD in primary care
CHK1 inhibition exacerbates replication stress induced by IGF blockade
Trends in UK meat consumption: analysis of data from years 1–11 (2008–09 to 2018–19) of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey rolling programme
A pipeline for high precision partial differential equation computation
AZD1222/ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccination induces a polyfunctional spike protein-specific Th1 response with a diverse TCR repertoire.
Modified layered double hydroxides for efficient and reversible carbon dioxide capture from air
Outer membrane protein size and LPS O-antigen define protective antibody targeting to the Salmonella surface
Supported permethylindenyl titanium catalysts for the synthesis of disentangled ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (disUHMWPE)
Structural racism and race discrimination
Intergenerational co-residence and young couple’s time use in China
Exploring the photochemistry and photosignalling mechanisms in cryptochromes and related model systems
Knowledge from probability
Bayesian inference and machine learning methods for the advanced analysis of electrocardiographic signals
Controlling the activity of an immobilised molecular catalyst by Lewis acidity tuning of the support
Neutrino-electron magnetohydrodynamics in an expanding Universe
Using bacterial DNA sequencing data to investigate the epidemiology of plasmid-mediated antibiotic resistance
Importance, value, and causal impact