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Reference: T. J. Mawson, (2010). Praying to stop being an atheist. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 67 (3), 173-186.

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Title: Praying to stop being an atheist

Abstract: In this paper, I argue that atheists who think that the issue of God's existence or non-existence is an important one; assign a greater than negligible probability to God's existence; and are not in possession of a plausible argument for scepticism about the truth-directedness of uttering such prayers in their own cases, are under a prima facie obligation to pray to God that He stop them being atheists.

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Notes:Citation: Mawson, T. J. (2010). 'Praying to stop being an atheist', International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 67(3), 173-186.
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Volume: 67
Issue: 3
Extent: 173-186
Issue Date: 2010-June
Copyright Date: 2010
Issn: 0020-7047
Eissn: 1572-8684
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