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Reference: Jingjing Zhang, Unseen professional learning mediated by networked technology in an academic context. In: Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford e-Research 08:OeR08.

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Title: Unseen professional learning mediated by networked technology in an academic context

Abstract: Recent technological advances are providing new and exciting opportunities for researchers to work together across the conventional boundaries of time, distance, and discipline. These advances have formed new networks of research, both in electronic mediums and in face-to-face environments, different from traditional networks in terms of their changing nature and scope. Such networks potentially provide rich opportunities for informal and unplanned professional learning of academics involved in the course of the many and varied interactions that take place whilst carrying out research projects. This paper reports some of the preliminary findings from a qualitative case study of the establishment of the 'EMT project'. It attempts to illustrate how the EMT project as a connected network formulates positive academic interactions and consequently facilitates professional learning immersed in research activities. In parallel, the study examines the benefits and problems arising from the sense of being together across time and space supported by advanced networked technologies in collaborative research, and further identifies the gap between the academic and the technical perspective in research.

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