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Reference: (2008-Fall). Oxford e-Research 08.

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Title: Oxford e-Research 08
Subtitle: Oer08

Abstract: This multi-disciplinary, international conference on e-Research will be held at the University of Oxford from 11-13 September 2008. It is being organized by a consortium of research projects in association with the journal Information Communication and Society (iCS). The conference seeks to stimulate and inform multi-disciplinary research on the development, use and implications of information and communication technologies (ICTs), like the Internet, in shaping research across the disciplines. It will bring together research from key e-Research projects from around the world examining the role of the Internet, Web and the Grid in research. The conference seeks to facilitate scholarly communication and publication on this topic, and help foster a broader public understanding of the significance of this area to the sciences and humanities as well as to the public at large.

Conference Organising Body: Oxford Internet Institute
website: http://www.oii.ox.ac.uk
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Issue Date: 2008-Fall
Urn: uuid:64aa6f39-7e81-4d42-a008-ee2d7524bd67
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Conference/Workshop Papers
  1. A climate of trust: perceptions of legitimate authority in a volunteer computing project
    Jirotka, Marina; Carusi, Annamaria; Darch, Peter

  2. A virtual research environment for the study of documents and manuscripts
    Bowman, A. K.; Pybus, J.; Kirkham, R.; Crowther, C. V.

  3. Century-of-Information Research (CIR): a strategy for research and innovation in the Century of Information
    Atkinson, Malcolm P.; Jeffreys, Paul W.

  4. Contractual frameworks for collaborative innovation in Australian e-Research
    Fitzgerald, Brian; Austin, Anthony

  5. Cyberinfrastructure facilitators: new approaches to information professionals for e-Research
    Oakleaf, Megan; Cogburn, Derrick; Stanton, Jeffrey; Lankes, R. David

  6. Digital and heritage: vast and not so simple expectations
    Ferrario, Maria Angela

  7. Enhancing e-research through the Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network - the Aotearoa | New Zealand experience
    Carver, Julian; Patfield, Dean; Williams, Tracy

  8. Experience of e-Social Science: a case of Andy Turner and MoSeS
    Turner, Andy

  9. Legal framework for e-Research: realising the potential
    Fitzgerald, Brian

  10. Microworld simulation in childcare social work: investigating risk, blame and performance management
    Peckover, Sue; Pithouse, Andy; Wastell, David; Broadhurst, Karen; White, Sue; Hall, Chris

  11. Ontology building as a social-technical process: a case study
    Lin, Yuwei; Procter, Rob; Job, Dominic; Harris, Jonathan; Ure, Jenny; Sharrock, Wes; Lawrie, Stephen; Randall, Dave; Goble, Carol; Rector, Alan; Poschen, Meik; Kola, Jay (Subbarao)

  12. Overcoming barriers to the creation of eLearning materials for GeoVUE' NeoGeographic outputs
    Argüello Casteleiro, Mercedes; Lin, Yuwei; Latif, Farzana; Baird, Kenny

  13. Parameters and visions: dataflows in computational and mathematical biology
    Jirotka, Marina; Carusi, Annamaria

  14. Paths to wider adoption of e-Infrastructures services
    Hughes, Lorna; Dunn, Stuart; van der Meer, Elizabeth; Fragkouli, Elpiniki; Voss, Alex; Anderson, Sheila; Atkinson, Malcolm; Halfpenny, Peter; Asgari-Targhi, Marzieh; Proctor, Rob; Fergusson, Dave

  15. Replication of FLOSS research as eResearch
    Wiggins, Andrea; Crowston, Kevin; Howison, James

  16. Sustaining e-Science in the interplay between infrastructures and scientific activity: the case of SwissBioGrid
    Schroeder, Ralph; den Besten, Matthijs; Thomas, Arthur

  17. Talking 'bout a revolution: Framing e-Research as a computerization movement
    de la Flor, Grace; Meyer, Eric T.

  18. The UK e-Social Science Research Programme: a progress report
    Voss, Alex; Halfpenny, Peter; Procter, Rob; Lin, Yu-Wei

  19. The tools of networked individuals: parallel patterns and strategies for governmental and research institutions
    Dutton, William H.; Eynon, Rebecca

  20. The transformation of scientific communication systems in the digital age: towards a methodology for comparing scientific communication cultures
    Velden, Theresa; Lagoze, Carl

  21. Towards a collective Knowledge Base: sharing the expertise acquired on developing Grid-based e-Science and e-Social Science applications
    Ekin, P.; Peters, S.; Argüello, M.

  22. Towards a participatory infrastructure for research in deliberative democracy
    Kennedy, Catriona; Christian, Julie; Griggs, Steven; Humphreys, Glyn; Theodoropoulos, Georgios; Skelcher, Chris

  23. Transforming the study of Australian literature through a collaborative eResearch environment
    Hunter, Jane; Gerber, Anna; Kilner, Kerry

  24. Unseen professional learning mediated by networked technology in an academic context
    Zhang, Jingjing

  25. Using technology to enhance research practice: analysing the use of ICT and e-science by academic researchers
    Pearce, Nick

  26. We have just entered the Wright Brothers phase of the digital era': data management and practice in the eResearch era
    Weaver, Belinda; Henty, Margaret

  27. Web science
    Wilson, Michael

  28. Will the data deluge improve or impair the quality of scholarship?
    Borgman, Christine L.

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