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Reference: James Cummings, (2009). The Holinshed Project: comparing and linking two editions of Holinshed's Chronicles.

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Title: The Holinshed Project: comparing and linking two editions of Holinshed's Chronicles

Abstract: This poster (digital or physical) discusses the digital humanities aspects of The Holinshed Project at the University of Oxford. To assist the project editors in comparing the two editions (1577 and 1587) of this important work, the Research Technologies Service built a comparison engine known as the 'TEI-Comparator'. This open source program incorporated a a bespoke fuzzy text comparison algorithm based on n-grams with a front-end based on Google Web Toolkit for making, confirming automatic matches, correcting mistaken ones, or providing annotations of the matches between the two documents. By the time of the DRHA 2009 conference, the TEI-Comparator will have launched itself on Sourceforge with documentation and examples to make it easy for others to re-purpose this software for other similar uses, and submit bugs and requests for future development. Although it has been known as the 'TEI-Comparator', in fact the program should work well with XML files of any vocabulary as long as the elements being compared have sufficient unique text in them.

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Notes:Citation: Cummings, J. & Mittelbach, A. (2009). The Holinshed Project: comparing and linking two editions of Holinshed's Chronicles'. Poster presented at: Digital Resources for the Humanities & Arts: Dynamic Networks of Knowledge and Practice: Contexts, Crises, Futures (DRHA 2009); 2009 Sep 7-9; Belfast, Ireland.
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